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30 year in the making. The first business I created, Right Touch Massage Therapy was born due to my desire to touch Body and Spirit. I feel in this field you learn to touch the Spirit first and then the Physical pain.

I have thousands of hours of experience working with those with special needs as well as those who are simply seeking relaxation from their stressful lives. You will find my caring nature, optimism, and experience a welcome relief. My goal is to help others integrate Body, Mind, and Spirit through the "Right Touch." My experience and intuitive nature seem to guide me to give each client exactly what they need to feel better. Quality of life is my utmost concern.

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What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

NB vet  CBD

To whom it may concern. I, NB received word from a friend of mine, that is also a Veteran, with muscular and joint issues as we've been getting older. He told me about Renew your Health, how much they have helped him to get back into moving around better. So I went and found them to be very professional, in depth research of your issues and problem resolve of such. Even the fact that they have a veterans program is amazing to me, let alone the quickness in receiving results. Im very impressed with this organization , attention to the client at hand and the growing resolve to my issues